Ask About My Day Cafe

Ask About My Day Cafe

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A place for kids and adults to connect, giggle and grow through all kinds of engaging experiences.

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A Magic in the Ordinary

What we need to be well is in many ways “ordinary” (empathy, awareness, understanding of our thoughts and feelings, etc.) and yet we sometimes take these things for granted. 

A Magic in the Ordinary is all about resources to brighten eyes and hearts in a world that is filled with possibilities!

Be Your Own Spark of Ready

Connect. Write. Draw. Journal. Explore. Share.

>> Be Your Own Spark of Ready Resources!

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Words of Kindness

Paratus wasn’t built alone. I am grateful for
the incredible people, stories,
and support I have felt since starting Paratus. There’s big dreams for this little space!
I am so glad you’re here and coming along for the ride!

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Creating a space for purposeful growth.