Count-Up to Summer Discovery Finish

Thank you for being here!

I’m so excited to have you as a part of this community, and I can’t wait to learn how you moved through the 10-day Count-up to Summer Discovery! And, if you haven’t already, definitely take a few minutes to check out the Growing a Ready Mind package below.


First, please share your experience and feedback with me specific to the 10-day Count-up to Summer Discovery:

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Growing a Ready Mind Package

We all need activities, practical tips, and actionable ideas to continue to grow a ready mind. We need the deeper things, too–the connection and reflection that helps us see what we cannot see in a given moment, that keeps us moving across our intentions, and even inspires us to try new things. Sometimes we can lean more heavily on one or the other–so, grab a quick bottle of water for instant mental hydration or draw deeply from the well of experience and insight. The two go hand-in-hand. We need both.

The mission is simple: continue to grow healthy minds by providing practical strategies, fun activities, and opportunity for reflection, along with the support to actually use everything.

Growing a Ready Mind is an 8-week package that will help bridge knowing, doing, and being across the summer and include…

  • Weekly hands-on guides for growing a ready mind (delivered to you personally via email each week)
  • Resources designed to go deep in order to help you achieve what you desire each week
  • Consistent reflection opportunities
  • Ongoing encouragement

There’s no better way to keep yourself (and others you care for and support) moving forward!