In my recent attempts to stay grounded, I have also found myself wanting to go far and wide. In some instances, no return trip planned. I would be taking my most special people with me, of course, but escaping these cold and cloudy days of lengthy to-do lists and all that comes with them.

We all get stuck sometimes. Stuck is different from grounded.

Stuck often includes the repeat play of not-so-helpful thoughts in our heads. Sometimes we don’t even recognize that it’s happening.. Our thoughts can become the backdrop or the white noise in a room. But they’re there…loud and proud…and everything gets impacted.

Stuck can also include the ripple effects of thin-spreading. When we spread ourselves thin, it doesn’t often leave much room for enjoyment and Sproket moments (the ones that include being present) are non-existent.

In the pursuit of being grounded, I started to create a juggling act with projects, bills, housework, plans, dreams, children, family, friends, new learning and more. While these things are important, energizing, and enjoyable, my approach to it all was without recharge.

So here I am – seeing an opportunity for growth. I don’t have to turn off my thoughts. I do need to engage with them differently, however. I also need to explore a balance and space to manage the enriching elements of life while establishing limits.

In essence, it’s important for Sproket to be grounded and feel ready to blast off. It’s also important for Sproket to go far and wide. Ah, the wisdom of a 7-year-old. My daughters are my most wonderful and beautiful gifts.

Where do I go from here?

First, I have to keep this note to self top of mind: mundane parts of life are real and hold purpose. Mundane is not failure.

1. Ask myself at the start of each day, “What do I want today?” (identify things that will help me to feel happy, loved, energized, secure, and purposeful)

2. Examine my “should’s” and consider replacing some with “could’s”

3. When feeling distracted or interrupted, ask myself, “Do I give this my attention right now?”

4. Create 3 checks and balances within my daily schedule: “What have I enjoyed about the day so far? What will doing this (next thing) bring?”

Lastly, it’s important to note that  this isn’t about getting it right. This about showing-up and getting ready to be ready.