Last week I wrote to the Paratus community and discussed how many of us feel out of tune after a challenging year. We looked closely at the music we want to play, listing things we hope to improve and things we want to drop from the symphony of life. These thoughts help us stay curious about what we experience and give us confidence to take steps toward a better tune.

Whether we call it being in tune, finding our flow, or in harmony (shared by someone wonderful during a recent book study), it’s ultimately about how we find our way through life’s adventure moments that is wise and kind and doesn’t complicate things. 

Tuning Fork 

Did you know that police officers use tuning forks to calibrate their radar? Without regular calibration, radar can’t accurately detect speed. Isn’t it surprising that activities as disparate as law enforcement and a classical orchestra share a common tool? Being in tune is critical to many pursuits, including caring for children.

This week, we want to focus on tools (like a tuning fork) to get us back in tune. If you’ve ever played an instrument, you know that tuning is an almost constant process, requiring regular adjustments. It’s the same with emotional well-being. So must we be ever-attentive to what we feel and what we need to stay in tune.

What’s the tuning fork for feeling ready? Well, it’s not just one tool but a combination of practices customized to individual needs. Think of emotional tuning more like concocting a recipe suited to your taste. Some people might want more salt, others might prefer vegan substitutions, and still others might need less sugar.

A Personalized Tuning Recipe

To help you identify your recipe for a ready mind, I’ve created these Ready Mind resources. You’ll find worksheets designed for adults, tweens and teens, and children that encourage reflection on how you might spend time in more emotionally-supportive ways. You can evaluate your needs for rest, creativity, and relationship connections, among other ingredients.

Just as you might reward yourself with delectable chocolate after a stressful day, indulge in time for developing a recipe to get back in tune. Pour some tea, light a candle, and sit down for a valuable tuning session. Even better, share this activity with a child you love. Pursuing a better tune isn’t easy, but it’s possible with intention and practice.

Let me know what emotionally-healthy recipe you prefer!

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