Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching


Let’s Be Ready

If you are interested in coaching – for yourself or your staff – I’d love to hear about your interests and needs.

Resilience Coaching

We desire for ourselves, and those we care for, to hold deep respect and understanding of themselves. It’s our sense of self that helps ground us, guide us, and gives us strength and courage to move through life in meaningful ways. But, sometimes things get messy and overwhelming and we lose sight of what is what and who we are.

Giving yourself permission to experience what you are concerned and uncertain about is the first step. The ability and answers are within you and together we can work through the unclear, sticky moments to help you consciously choose your thoughts, actions, and responses.


Content and Practice Coaching

Programs, schools, and districts across the nation are recognizing how important it is to move professional development from outside the classroom to a model where educators receive in-the-moment support from coaches.

I provide on-site and virtual coaching for educators to improve their practice in meaningful ways. This collaborative form of professional development provides focused support around improving child outcomes through the implementation of goal setting, practice, observation, reflection, and continuous improvement.


Coaching for Coaches

It is imperative that coaches receive professional development designed to support their challenging and important role in improving teaching and learning, and being as ready and supportive as possible to educators in order to shift classroom and home visiting practice. I support practicing coaches, individuals aspiring to become coaches, and formal or informal teacher leaders who may wish to integrate coaching practices into their work with their colleagues while continuing to teach children.

I am committed to ongoing professional and personal development and I work regularly with a coach. Coaches need coaches, too.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders can engage an entire educational system in the business of enhancing resilience while improving achievement. Leadership coaching involves conversations about student learning data, goal setting, and practices. It may also involve side-by-side support, classroom observations and analysis of child outcome or classroom data to continue to develop skills in order to support educators in the moment.

Book yourself into my calendar here for a phone call (15 mins) so we can explore how coaching can support you. Then, if you would like to work with me, we can book your first coaching session at a time most convenient for you. Coaching sessions can be held virtually using Zoom or by phone – you decide.