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I’m Kristin, a psychologist, consultant, writer and adventure-seeking wife and mom based in Michigan. I work with children, families, educators and other clinicians using a developmental relational approach. This means we work together to understand countless moment-to-moment (sometimes messy) interactions. We give time to listen, understand behavior, and use what you know and observe. Plus, we apply science in ways that help you enhance resilience to move through difficult moments and stay connected to those you care about. Together, we’ll create a clearer path, one moment and decision at a time.


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Paratus (the idea of being ready) is more about what happens on the inside to help us on the outside. It isn’t about “advice,” a specific set of strategies or checklists -- it’s about experiences and relationships. An adventure, if you will, that includes what we know, what we do, and how we are with others.


What You'll Find

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opportunities to discover and explore what you bring to interactions (how you ‘show up’)

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Be Ready Explorers

A guide for discovering, exploring and growing emotion-fully.

Be Ready Explorers is for girls and boys ages 5-12 years and features a different adventure each quarter to:

  • Introduce children to different explorers and their resilience traits,
  • Share educational content,
  • Introduce children to the beauty and diversity of the world,
  • Give opportunity for connection and reflection, and
  • Help cultivate well-being in children and their caregivers. 

In kid-friendly ways, it offers targeted experiences that help children feel ready for life’s adventures and grow emotion-fully. It follows the principle that emotional well-being can be cultivated through practice (connection + intention), which is something I have been studying and researching for over twenty years now.


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