Emotions Expedition

Emotions Expedition


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Get ready for endless hours of emotion-ful fun! This game gets you up and moving, is creative and filled with opportunities for connection and learning together. 

Children as young as four can take part in this game to learn, explore, and grow through play alongside their most special people! Playing Emotions Expedition can help young children (alongside adult caregivers) with social and emotional skills, communication, creativity, resilience and confidence. It includes many different ways to play and grow: dramatic, communication, creative, interpretive, and teamwork. Do join-in to pretend, move, explore emotions and compete your way through the Emotions Expedition! 

This game includes: 
    • One box of the Emotion-ful Connection Cards
    • One game board + thirty-two larger colorful squares to create your own game board
    • One game circle with spinner (six categories: fill in the blank, try it out, what color is, what helps you feel, how might you respond, how would you feel if)
    • Five game pieces
    • Two easy-to-use instructions cards
    • Two category cards filled with questions, prompts and ideas to support your expedition


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