Senegal Adventure

Senegal Adventure

Explore compassion and grow emotion-fully in the upcoming Be Ready Explorers Senegal adventure.

Welcome, Explorers!

Salaam alaikum! Bonjour! These are just two of the many ways to say hello to the people you will meet in the exciting country of Senegal.

Get ready for vibrant villages that leave stars in your eyes; rainbow-colored, bustling markets; shared meals; and buoyant, pink lakes!

While visiting, you’ll learn about Karima Grant, an educator and children’s book author who lives in Dakar, Senegal. She created the first children’s museum in sub-Saharan Africa to help children learn about themselves and their communities through play.

Karima’s work and dreams will teach you a lot about compassion (a big word that means you are caring, considerate, and kind) and compassion in action! It feels good in our minds and hearts when people take the time to listen, understand, and care. Having compassion brings us together and helps connect us to ourselves and even to animals.

Be true to your heart, and you’re never alone.

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Suddenly, the sunset’s brilliant colors leapt from the sky and filled the treehouse air as they felt the magic start to work. A zoom, a woosh, and a thud made them feel like the treehouse was rocking from side to side.

But when they opened their eyes, they discovered it wasn’t the treehouse rocking. It was a boat!

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Senegal’s adventure theme teaches about compassion and helps children learn what it means to be a changemaker.

Thank you, Mind and Heart

Available 2/5/2021

Sand Art

Available 2/12/2021


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Escape to Senegal...

Listen closely to the diverse sounds of Senegal. Press play, take your guess, and reveal the answer!

Reveal Sound #1

Children And Sheep Near The Ocean!

You may have seen dogs running in the sand on American beaches, but a visit to Senegal shows a surprising beach animal.
A sheep on a beach is a funny sight, but shepherds bring their flocks to the ocean for a serious purpose.
On Sundays, shepherds often give their sheep a warm ocean bath and a manicure in a cleansing ritual important to their Islamic faith.

Reveal Sound #2

A Clapping Game On The Beach!

Have you ever played a hand clapping game with friends? Often accompanied by rhymes or songs, hand clapping is a universal language of friendship. Here, children in Senegal clap on the beach, which borders the Atlantic ocean for many miles. With the convenience of fishing and water transportation, 70% of Senegal’s population lives near the coast in places like Senegal’s capital city, Dakar.

Reveal Sound #3

A Mosque!

Can you imagine an alarm clock loud enough for an entire village to hear? In Senegal, Muslims listen for the adhan (call to prayer) that sounds from loudspeakers mounted on minarets (a mosque tower). The morning prayer happens just before sunrise, sometimes as early as 4 a.m.
Traditionally, a muezzin would call out the adhan, which summarizes Islamic belief. Nowadays many mosques use a pre-recorded adhan.

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Meet the Explorers!

Discover alongside your fellow explorers as you learn about other adventurers, play games, complete activities, write stories and more!

Be Ready Explorers Preview, JD


JD revs up just as fast as his dirt bike, and those around him don’t always appreciate his intensity. When his temper is tame, JD rocks out as the life of the party. But he would rather be at home, curled up with a comic book and a puppy, if only his parents weren’t allergic.

Be Ready Explorers Preview, Evey


Evey doesn’t mind it when people call her an herb-whisperer or tree-hugger. In fact, sometimes she’s more comfortable with plants—and her parakeet, Pompey—than she is with people. Evey spends her days outside and digging into the past, but her biggest discovery will be the bravery and self-worth that’s hiding inside her.

Be Ready Explorers Preview, Myah


Myah is as mellow as the aqua waters of a Caribbean sea. You can also find tropical flavors in the junior chef’s famous pineapple jerk chicken recipe! When she’s not in the kitchen, Maya is  scuba diving with sea turtles, starfish, and other ocean creatures. Both her friends and her axolotl, Tito, love to bask in the warmth of Maya’s patient personality.

Be Ready Explorers Preview, Parker


Parker has never seen a road not taken. She’s always blazing new trails or relaxing beside favorite fishing holes with her rabbit, Clausse, by her side. Parker may seem tough and feisty, but there’s more to this nature-loving kid than meets the eye.

Be Ready Explorers Preview, Dean


Dean wants to go up, up, up—to shoot beyond the worries of his world. His thoughts drift to stars and galaxies by day, and by night he explores alien planets in his dreams. While Dean hasn’t found a rocket able to launch him just yet, he climbs rock walls to get as far away from his anxiety as gravity allows.

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