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Helping Children Be Ready for Life’s Adventure Moments

An engaging publication that builds children's strong emotional skills while they discover worldwide perspectives and adventures.


Sparking children’s sense of emotion-ful adventure and worldwide curiosity

Be Ready Explorers bring to life outside adventures from around the world that help children grow on the inside. The information and stories shared will capture the imagination of young readers and allow them to experience the world within and beyond themselves—developing self-awareness, understanding, compassion, and empathy.

As they explore the world, appreciating the unique beauty of people both alike and different from them, subscribers can also share their discoveries as part of the Treasured Adventures Club!

How It Works:

Step One

Choose your adventure!

Choose between our Frequent Explorer Plan, One-Time Explorer, or Gift Set Option.

Step Two

Check your mailbox!

Each Explorer option includes a guidebook, activities, and materials ready to be enjoyed!

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Discover and explore!

Connect over shared experiences and adventures as part of the Treasured Adventures Club.


Each Adventure...

Children will learn about the lives, work, and contributions of different explorers from around the world. These role models show children the skills and resilience traits needed to work hard, feel creative and courageous, and nurture a ready mind. Both adult and child explorers point to the principle that emotional well-being can be cultivated through practice (connection + intention).

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Each Adventure Kit...

  • Is designed for boys and girls, ages 5-12 years
  • Is fun and educational
  • Is full of original illustrations, stories, activities, and content
  • Features adult explorers and adventurers of diverse races, nationalities, abilities, and religions
  • Is filled with content and activities empowering children to feel confident, courageous, emotion-ful, safe, and important
  • Includes specific cultural information shared as snapshots in order to help children appreciate the unique beauty of people both alike and different from them
  • Teaches children about important resilience traits and skills that help children feel ready for life’s adventures
  • Is made to last

You can choose to subscribe to receive a Be Ready Explorers adventure every other month (best value), purchase a set of three adventures, or start with a single adventure.


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I’m Kristin, the mother, psychologist, and adventurer behind Be Ready Explorers.

I have been working with children, families, educators and other clinicians for over twenty years. I have a private practice, Positive Pathways LLC, and started Paratus a little over a year ago, where I research and share online resources and information around being ready.

I wanted something my children and I could do together. A multi-faceted resource wrapped into one dynamic science-backed offering. A resource that created opportunity for children to be curious and ready to take in people and ideas. I wanted something that could help children see and feel ready for life’s adventure moments — hello Be Ready Explorers!

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Let the Adventures Begin!

Your adventure begins with the Be Ready Explorers Welcome Kit, where you’ll meet the five Be Ready Explorers and your co-adventurer, your brain. You’ll also create your own magic globe and begin collecting emotion-ful information and memories to add to your time capsule!

The Be Ready Explorers Welcome Kit comes with:

Meet the Explorers!

Discover alongside your fellow explorers as you learn about other adventurers, play games, complete activities, write stories, and more!

Be Ready Explorers Preview, JD


JD revs up just as fast as his dirt bike, and those around him don’t always appreciate his intensity. When his temper is tame, JD rocks out as the life of the party. But he would rather be at home, curled up with a comic book and a puppy, if only his parents weren’t allergic.

Be Ready Explorers Preview, Evey


Evey doesn’t mind it when people call her an herb-whisperer or tree-hugger. In fact, sometimes she’s more comfortable with plants—and her parakeet, Pompey—than she is with people. Evey spends her days outside and digging into the past, but her biggest discovery will be the bravery and self-worth that’s hiding inside her.

Be Ready Explorers Preview, Myah


Myah is as mellow as the aqua waters of a Caribbean sea. You can also find tropical flavors in the junior chef’s famous pineapple jerk chicken recipe! When she’s not in the kitchen, Maya is  scuba diving with sea turtles, starfish, and other ocean creatures. Both her friends and her axolotl, Tito, love to bask in the warmth of Maya’s patient personality.

Be Ready Explorers Preview, Parker


Parker has never seen a road not taken. She’s always blazing new trails or relaxing beside favorite fishing holes with her rabbit, Clausse, by her side. Parker may seem tough and feisty, but there’s more to this nature-loving kid than meets the eye.

Be Ready Explorers Preview, Dean


Dean wants to go up, up, up—to shoot beyond the worries of his world. His thoughts drift to stars and galaxies by day, and by night he explores alien planets in his dreams. While Dean hasn’t found a rocket able to launch him just yet, he climbs rock walls to get as far away from his anxiety as gravity allows.

Thoughtfully designed + tested by kids!

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