In my work, I’m often asked questions about being ready. What does it mean? How do we do it? What if we never really feel ready? Does being ready take superpower strength?

I get it. The idea of being and feeling ready can feel unapproachable and untouchable some days. We can even convince ourselves that we’re not one of the lucky ones and watch being ready from afar in others. It’s like…

Understanding ready is the beginning.

Preparing for being ready is progress.

Staying ready is a superpower.

I don’t think that’s fully true. Getting ready feels just as important as being ready. In fact, a beginner’s mind can hold superpowers. “Beginner’s mind” is a term from Buddhism that means all options are open and you can choose your direction because, like a beginner, you don’t hold fixed ideas of yourself or set expectations.

This is part of what my group coaching sessions are grounded in – being open and curious about experiences, understanding obstacles encountered, identifying strengths that supported our overcoming obstacles, considering new strategies, etc. We also tackle things like:

  • Standing up to stress
  • Regulating emotions and considering coping strategies
  • Enhancing resilience and biology of bouncing back
  • The power of yet
  • Working out our struggles (or an Oreo breakfast)
  • Connection
  • Self-compassion as a solution

And, we never lose sight of what some of our greatest scientists have taught us. We have research that shows us infants and toddlers have an innate preference for kindness and cooperation. We have research that points to toddlers more often preferring people who are helpers. And we have research that shows young preschool-aged children are more likely to reward those who give to others and punish those who hurt others. So, let’s continue to do good as we grow.

Whether you’re starting new or starting again (fresh or re-setting) with the idea of being ready, you are starting. Starting includes initiative (aka superpower). I don’t believe that superpowers are only of Avenger-like strength and only traits that make us feel extra super powerful.

Superpowers can simply be how we find meaning in previous moments which support purpose in the next.