I was asked most recently about Paratus and what brought me to starting this adventure. I shared that it’s easier to be ready when we see and experience ready, and I want it to be easier for my kids to see and experience it.

Definitions of Paratus

So, if there is an overarching theme to my blog, social media, and resources it’s that I do not believe there is a magical solution for getting it right in being ready. Being ready will always include falling short and has nothing to do with being perfect. It’s about practicing and enjoying the process. Being ready has a lot to do with preparing ourselves on the inside for what happens on the outside because what really matters in our parenting, coaching, teaching, and supporting work with others is believing and knowing that our presence can make the ultimate difference. 

Self-awareness + connection with intention

So whether crafting an email, returning a phone call, leading a meeting, joining a child in play, or arriving home at the end of the day, we can ask ourselves: What am I bringing and what do I want for this moment? Then, consider with intention the behaviors, words and actions that will help convey this message with congruence. 

I believe that when we promote healthy responsive relationships within and across all roles and settings, people can continue to thrive and feel ready. And, in so doing, children can experience the strong nurturing relationships for connecting and learning with others that they need to feel ready. For example, research shows that school leaders who focus on and enhance collaboration among teachers help create strong school climates that ultimately lead to academic gains for students (Allensworth & Hart, 2018). 

And inspired by so many of you, I have created a resource that I believe can help us remember our commitments in being ready:

Relationships to support change, learning, and healing
Emotions deserve understanding
Awareness of self
Decisions with intention
Yes to curiosity 

I am reminded daily of how difficult this can be to remember, do and be on a consistent basis, so this resource includes some ideas and ways to check-in with ourselves. Like you, I believe in the power of practice. 

The key is practicing, ourselves, to focus on the critical (ordinary magical) things that really make a difference — while ignoring the tsunami of shiny objects and strategies that many people chase. What shiny pennies or quick-fixes distract you from the real, hard work of READY? I remind myself that there are no shortcuts to ready, only the long road of joy and challenge in practice.

Be sure to share your thoughts and ideas below and what being ready means to you! And, take a peek at the Be Ready Explorers page – an upcoming subscription for kids that serves as a guide for discovering, exploring and growing.

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