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Curious explorers from around the world have set out on adventures to learn about all that is around them. Some might say their adventures and discoveries are filled with magic, and this has inspired new explorers to set forth into the unknown. That is why the Be Ready Explorers started the Treasured Adventures Club. They believe it’s important to encourage brave and curious new explorers to adventure and share their discoveries too.

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Magic Globe Illustration.
Outside adventures that help us grow on the inside

Have you met the Be Ready Explorers?

Do you know someone who would love to adventure to a place far, far away? A place where heart and mind could continue to grow?

Do you know a brave and curious adventurer who wants to make discoveries both outside and inside? Do you know a child who feels stuck in a rut and longs to learn new things about themselves and the world around them?

These are just the people who will enjoy the Be Ready Explorers. Our adventurers make magic together, igniting sparks that can prompt a blaze of discovery. Together, Be Ready Explorers embark on amazing adventures that help them be brave, learn, grow emotion-fully, and shine.

If you’re ready to feel curious and discover great things alongside someone you love, you will enjoy meeting the Be Ready Explorers!


The Bright Spark Wall

The Be Ready Explorers help us be and feel ready for life’s adventures! And children from around the world contribute to each adventure guide, too, by sharing their drawings, photographs, stories and ideas. Take a peek at our Bright Spark Wall!

Olivia, Age 9

Lily and Leah, Age 5 and 7

Kelyn, Age 9

Look at these young explorers!

Children’s submissions from the November Switzerland Adventure Guidebook

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Kind Words from Others

“I was not surprised by this wonderful creation of Kristin’s. She’s been traveling nationally for years and has shared so much of herself with others. Her free resources are being enjoyed by so many and to think that something like the Be Ready Explorers could make its way into communities, schools, and the homes of so many families is exciting! I can’t wait to see where the Be Ready Explorers travel to!”

- Lisa D., New York