A year ago, I wasn’t blogging or even remotely active in the world of social media. In fact, Paratus was just a beginning thought.

When people ask me why I started Paratus, I tell them that it’s easier to be ready when we see and experience ready, and I want it to be easier for my kids to see and experience it. Still, I had no idea what the future would bring and never would have guessed the many adventures and learning experiences I’ve had this year.

Life’s moments are funny that way though, aren’t they? Time seems to pass so quickly, yet when we look back, we cannot even believe how much our lives, and the lives of those we care about, have changed and shifted. In fact, years ago, I used to throw a time capsule party at the end of each school year. It was a favorite gathering for many and yet it somehow became a thing of the past.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said…

“Everything flows, nothing stands still.”

While we cannot influence the flow of time, we can get the most out of it.

Want to join me in preserving some memories? Tuck away life’s magic by creating a time capsule! 

Time capsules are a great way to preserve time and document these lives we are living. Yet, thinking about what to put in a time capsule can sometimes seem difficult. So, I’ve got some ideas below and have also created a beautifully designed booklet that will inspire you and others to write, doodle and paste as a way to reflect on the past, savor the present, and dream for the future.

With the 2020 Time Capsule Kit, you can capture details that you may not remember a year or several years from now. The kit also encourages children (and adults) to make some predictions about the future, learn more about emotions, and practice kindness, self-love and gratitude. The time capsule is a perfect New Year’s activity (amongst other holidays and special moments) for both children and adults as we remember what 2019 brought and look toward the year ahead.

Looking for other ideas to get your time capsule ready for the future?

Letters to self or letters from a parent/caregiver to a child: Write a letter to your future self, including messages about what you would like to remember, hopes you have and what you imagine life to be like in the future. You can also write a letter to a young child including these same things.

Photos: There’s no substitute for a good ol’ fashioned photograph! If you don’t have space for all of the photos you’d like to include in your time capsule, a USB drive with a library of photos would work too!

Newspaper or magazine article: Cut out an article that gives your future self fun insights into how life used to be.

Artwork: Include artwork or a special project you or your children have recently completed. Or create a family art project that captures reflections on your year.  

Voice recordings: A voice recording could work in a similar way as the letter idea above and be an even more sentimental thing to experience a year(s) later!  I’m looking into purchasing USB drives for our upcoming time capsule gathering scheduled for the end of January 2020. This way kids can use Photo Booth to record personal messages and then save for storing away.  

Magic is real! 

Please do share your bright spark ideas below!